Maui County 5 Island Air Tour
Vendor: Maui Plane Rides
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Location: Maui


The spotlight is on all 5 islands of Maui County and is approximately 75- 90 minutes in the air. During this private Discovery Flight experience you will see the following: Majestic North shore and Hana coast and waterfalls, Haleakala volcano's Martian-like craters and intense lava formations, the final resting place of aviator legend Charles Lindbergh, and ancient Hawaiian villages. Fly past Molokini, the world famous diving and snorkeling spot, and its crescent shaped crater, and Kahoolawe, an uninhabited island once used by the US Navy as an artillery test firing range. See the paradise of Lanai's resorts, golf courses and shipwrecks as you overfly them. Delight over Molokai's spectacular Sea- Cliffs before passing by Maui's waterfalls and West coast to return for landing. Feel truly 'uplifted': you can learn how to control and fly the plane if you want to.

Experience stunning aerial views during your Private cabin tour; non-tinted windows and dream photography through Maui's ONLY fully opening camera-port window for crystal clear shots of lush emerald landscape, breathtaking turquoise coastline and iconic aquamarine Pacific hues from a dream!


  • We'll meet you at our airport location and talk briefly about the plane and what makes it fly, and review your plans to soar above Maui.
  • It will be clear: You'll get to do as much or as little "hands-on" flying as you're comfortable with.
  • We'll get in the plane, start it up and go fly. It's all laughs after that.
  • Once we're airborne, you get to try flying the plane if you'd like to. You'll be able to record your Maui Plane Rides flight in a pilot logbook or by placing a provided logbook sticker, if you wish, and in your memories, forever.
  • You're on vacation and enjoying Maui- the last thing you need to do is worry about it. You'll get to do and fly as much or as little as you're comfortable with, while flying over and around incredible Maui with Maui Plane Rides.


  • Availability: Daily
  • Time: Morning and Afternoon Flights are available
  • Location: Kahului - Click here for directions.
  • Duration: 90 Minutes on the single engine airplane and 75 minutes on the twin engine airplane


  • Discovery Flights are best suited to students age 10 and up, but younger students are welcome, and can sit in the pilot or copilot's seat or anywhere else they feel happy.
  • The single engine Piper Archer holds a maximum of 3 passengers or the twin engine Piper Aztec hold a maximum of 5 passengers.
  • Generally a pilot might weigh less than 275 pounds, but we may be able to accommodate some outside this range.
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Per Flight (max 3 passengers)$799.00
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